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    ​​translation and proofreading

    business, management, environmental​​​, IT, telco, pharmaceutical, chemical, geographic and general texts
    We translate the meaning and sense of the text,
    ​not only words thmselves.​​​
    timely delivered, high quality, accurate translations

    +48 604 163 007​​
    CartoTranslations is our name for translation-related activities. We are managment consultant professionals with environmental, IT, telco and educational background, with strong translation and proofreading skills.

    ​​In our past there were a lot of translation needs. Since we often encountered problems in obtaining a good quality translation on time from some translators we had to do many translations ourselves. Now we're offering this knowlegde and skills to others, ensuring them that time and accuracy of translation is the most crucial goal for ​a professional translator.

    Email: info@carto.pl
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    Proofreading of Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices official publication of Office of Government Commerce ​(Polish translation, 400+ pages)
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    Translation of Arrigo Frisano-Paulon professional translations website
    (Polish translation)​
    .management training
    Project Management and general management training courses by Open Management Education Center. ​Visit OMEC's website for more information.
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